Specialities or minor subjects

Four minor subjects or specialities are suggested as of the third year: "Accounting and other Information Systems", "Finance", "Commercial Management" and "People and Innovation." Each minor subject is made up of the following subjects:

Minor subject:  Accounting and other Information Systems Four-month period  ECTS  Type
 Public Accounting  2  5  P
 Management Accounting and Internal Control  2  5  P
 Legal Framework of Accounting and Auditing  2  5  P
 Accounts Auditing  1  5  P
 Advanced Accounting and Taxation  1  5  P
 Minor subject: Finance Four-month
 ECTS  Type
 Company Assessment  2  5  P
 International Finance  1  5  P
 Bank Management  2  5  P
 Financial Market Management  1  5  P
 International Financial System  2  5  P
 Minor subject: Commercial Management Four-month
 ECTS  Type
 International Marketing  1  5  P
 Advanced Marketing  2  5  P
 Sectorial Marketing  1  5  P
 Commercial Research  2  5  P
 Consumer Law  1  5  P
 Minor subject: People and Innovation  Four-month
 ECTS  Type
 New Management Models  1  5  P
 Innovation Systems and Policies  1  5  P
 Policies, Functions and Personnel Techniques (Company Sociology I)  2  5  P
 Organisational Change and Innovation (Company Sociology II)  1  5  P
 Company Law II: Law Governing Labour Relations  2  5  P

In addition to these subjects, there are 4 more optional subjects to improve communication skills in business English, French and German.


 Business languages Four-month
 ECTS  Type
 Advanced Business English I 2 5 P
 Advanced Business English II 1 5 P
 2ème Langue Étrangère des Affaires I: Français
 2. Wirtschaftssprache für Anfänger I: Deutsch
2 5 P
 2ème Langue Étrangère des Affaires II: Français
 2. Wirtschaftssprache für Anfänger II: Deutsch
 1  5 P

By way of a complement to this range of optional subjects and in accordance with the Basque language Executive Plan set out by the University of the Basque Country, two optional subjects are offered in Basque aimed at working on communicative-linguistic competences in the economic and business field in this language.

Academic recognition of credits may also be requested as a result of carrying out any cultural and sports activities or actions involving student representation, solidarity and cooperation which may have been carried out during the student's stay at the University, up to a maximum 6 optional credits in total from the syllabus.

The syllabuses for the subjects offered, class timetables, exam dates, the school calendar and other information related to the College can be found on its website.