Teaching innovation

We consider developing student's skills in certain areas as significant as developing knowledge of business management. Each of our study programmes focus on the development of analytical and critical thinking skills through challenging academic content. Group assignments develop interpersonal and teamwork skills, while additional skills development in academic writing, presenting and the use of research tools is integrated into each programme.

For that reason, the commitment on the part of teaching staff at the College to teaching innovation is translated into major growth in practical classes and seminars as customary teaching methodologies used in our classrooms. These types of activity - developed in small groups - are carried out in order to deal with problems, analyse cases, prepare exposés of work and carry out other types of task, in which students maintain an active attitude towards learning in an environment that involves greater interaction with teaching staff.

By way of a back-up for all teaching activities, the University of the Basque Country has set up two platforms to serve the university community in virtual learning, in the form of Moodle (http://moodle.ehu.es). These enable the potentialities offered by information and communication technologies to be used for university teaching.

Additionally, all teachers maintain a personalized consultation service for students - what is referred to as tutoring. The student gets the chance to raise their doubts, solve problems and in general make personal contact with their teachers via such tutorials.