Chapter VI. International Doctoral Programmes

Academic Regulations for Doctoral Studies

Article 24. "International Doctor" Distinction

The "International Doctor" distinction can be included on the front of Doctoral Degree Certificates, provided that the following circumstances are met:

  1. During the period of training required to obtain the Doctoral Degree, the PhD student must have spent at least three months (two of which were consecutive) studying or conducting research at a Higher Education Institution or prestigious Research Centre outside Spain. The activities carried out during this stay must have been endorsed by the supervisor(s) and approved by the Academic Committee for the Doctoral Programme, and must also be recorded in the PhD Student Activity Document.
  2. At least 50% (excluding the bibliography) of the Doctoral Thesis must have been drafted and defended in one of the common languages used for scientific communication in the relevant field of knowledge, other than the two official languages of the Basque Country. This rule does not apply to stays in Spanish-speaking countries.
  3. The Thesis must have received a favourable report from at least two expert doctors who are stable members of two different non-Spanish Higher Education Institutions or Research Centres (a brief CV of said experts should be included in the information provided).
  4. At least one expert doctor from a non-Spanish Higher Education Institution or Research Centre must have been a member of the Thesis Examination Panel, which cannot be the person responsible for the stay referred to in Paragraph 1.

Article 25. Administrative Processing

In addition to the documentation stipulated in Articles 13 and 14 of these Regulations, PhD students wishing to obtain the "International Doctor" distinction from the UPV/EHU must attach the following documentation at the time of submitting their Theses at the Department with which the Doctoral Thesis is registered:

  1. Official application form for the "International Doctor" distinction (Annexe XX).
  2. The favourable reports stipulated in Article 24.3.
  3. Certificate of Stay issued by the foreign Organisation, stating that at least three months were completed, during which time the student conducted work related to the Thesis submitted.

All of this documentation must be forwarded by the Department with which the Thesis is registered to the Unit of Postgraduate Studies, in order to be processed via the UPV/EHU Doctoral Subcommittee.

Once the Doctoral Theses have been defended, the Secretary of the Panel shall submit the certificate regarding the composition of the Panel and the Thesis defence language(s) (Annexe XXI) to the Unit of Postgraduate Studies, in order to be processed via the UPV/EHU Doctoral Subcommittee.

Article 26. Academic Accreditation

PhD graduates awarded the "International Doctor" distinction will be issued with a Certificate proving such condition by the Chairman/woman of the Doctoral Subcommittee. Similarly, the front of the Doctoral Degree Certificate will also state the "International Doctor" distinction.