Chapter V. Financial management

Management Regulations for Official Masters

Article 25.- Procedure for opening ORGÁNICA´s

1.- When the Master's and PhD Office has received confirmation that an official Master's programme will be offered, it will request that Accounts open an financial management unit, called an ORGÁNICA, to manage the expenses of the Master's programme in question.

This ORGÁNICA will report to the financial management unit (also termed an ORGÁNICA) corresponding to the body responsible for the programme. If more than one body is responsible for the programme, the financial management unit to which this ORGÁNICA will report will be determined by the programme organisers.

2.- The professor responsible for the official Master's programme will be in charge of the ORGÁNICA. The second-in-charge will be the head of the department, school or institute responsible for the Master's programme. If a single professor holds both posts, the second-in-charge will be the secretary of the body responsible for the postgraduate programme.

Section I. Management of income

Article 26.- Management of income account

The orgánica of each official Master's programme will receive a budget allocation, calculated on the basis of certain parameters, which will be used to meet the costs of the programme. Subsidies received from external calls for requests for funding will be allocated and become part of the budget of the Master's programme.

Article 27.- Management of the collection of subsidies

When the teaching staff responsible for the Master's programme establishes a subsidy agreement with a public or private entity, they shall request that this entity pay the subsidy into the general budget account of the University of the Basque Country and shall then inform the school responsible for the Master's programme of said payment, providing formal documentation confirming the subsidy agreement. Once the documentation has been reviewed, the school responsible for the Master's programme will send it to Accounts to be recorded and included in the budget.

Section II. Management of expenses

Article 28.- Management of the expenses account

The budget for the orgánica of a University Master's programme will be managed by the persons responsible for the programme.

Expenses incurred by Master's programmes must be covered in full out of budget allocations received by the Master's programme in its budget. The management of this account will be subject to the general budget rules of the University, taking the following considerations into account:

  • a. Expenses shall be recorded under the corresponding heading in accordance with the accounting plan in force at the University.
  • b. The maximum limits on payments made shall be as follows:
    1. Teaching staff external to the University of the Basque Country shall be paid a maximum of €125/hour for teaching in a Master's programme.
    2. As regards evidence of travel, accommodation and meals, payments shall be subject to the provisions of the Budget Management Regulations in force at the University of the Basque Country.
    3. Inventoriable material acquired will be recorded against capital expenditure as appropriate and become part of the assets of the University. Said material must be included in the official inventory, in accordance with the specific relevant regulations in force.