Conference of the Network of Postgraduate Degrees in Latin America

Along with our university, the different universities that make up this Network constitute a true academic community of the highest standard which meets periodically (once every two years) at an International Conference which offers the ideal opportunity to come together and exchange information and knowledge and to present the latest breakthroughs made by PhD students in their research. During the initial years of this network, which have focused mainly on consolidation and development, more than 1,000 Latin American students have enrolled on UPV/EHU courses.

The conferences have a number of basic objectives:

  • To assess and consolidate the research areas of the different doctoral programmes run in Latin America, analysing the principal problems and challenges posed by globalisation from an interdisciplinary perspective.
  • To provide a regular event at which faculty currently working at the different universities in the network can come together and share ideas.
  • To encourage enriching encounters between PhD students, in order to foster interdisciplinary doctoral research exchanges.
  • To establish instruments for sharing information and knowledge, thus providing researchers with optimum access to the resources of all universities in the network.