Pre-enrolment and admission for Masters


Last week for pre-enrollment in official master´s degrees. Till may 22

What do I have to do to pre-enrol in a program?

Each Master’s website contains a section called ‘Information on the Master’s course’. This section contains the telephone numbers and e-mails to which all questions relating to the content of the courses, dates and classroom locations, as well as pre-enrolment and admission procedures, should be addressed.

Candidates may pre-enrol on 3 different Master’s courses.

Applicants should pre-enrol ON LINE from 30 March to 22 May, 2020. After that period, two extraordinary deadlines will be established for those Master’s courses on which there is still room. During these periods, on-line pre-enrolment is only open to candidates who have not previously pre-enrolled on a course.

Those wishing to change their pre-enrolment during the extraordinary periods should contact the secretariat of the corresponding Master’s course.

In order for pre-enrolment to be valid, students must submit the required documentation online. Students unable to submit online should send their documents to the secretariats of the Master’s degree courses on which they have pre-enrolled. These documents must be sent to as many Master’s courses as applied for.

Please remember that the average grade from your academic record that will be used to calculate the access grade will be that which appears on the record submitted with the pre-enrolment. In the case of students from the UPV/EHU, it will be the grade as calculated on 22 May, 2020.

For Master’s with compulsory items taught in Basque and Spanish, students must choose the language they prefer by completing the language selection document (doc, 216 Kb), and sending it with the rest of the documents to be submitted during pre-enrolment:

  • Law
  • Architecture
  • General Health Psychology

Submitting the required documentation:

Documents can be submitted either online through the GAUR application, or by conventional mail to the secretariat of the Master’s course on which you wish to pre-enrol. The address, email and phone number of these secretariats can be found on the website of each Master’s course.

Pre-enrolment periods:

  • Ordinary period: from 30 March to 22 May, 2020.
  • First extraordinary period: from 6 to 17 July.
  • Second extraordinary period: from 10 August to 6 September.

For Master’s courses pending authorisation, the deadline for pre-enrolment will be established at a later date.

Final-year undergraduate students who wish to enrol on a Master’s course and who are as yet unable to request their degree certificate must pre-enrol and will be admitted on the condition that they are in possession of said certificate when finalising their registration.

Please remember that the average grade from your academic record that will be used to calculate the access grade will be that which appears on the record submitted with the pre-enrolment. In the case of students from the UPV/EHU, it will be the grade which appears on the record on the final day of the pre-enrolment period.


General documentation for all students:

  • Photocopy of ID card, residence permit, national identity card or passport (UPV/EHU students do not have to submit these documents).
  • Photocopy of personal academic transcript, specifying all grades and subjects taken over the course of the undergraduate degree (UPV/EHU students do not have to submit these documents).
  • Projects, articles and/or publications by the student.
  • Other achievements (letter of recommendation, etc.).

In addition to the above, students with foreign degrees that have not been officially recognised must submit:

  • A sworn translation of the degree and transcript in one of the two official languages of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country. If the Master’s course on which they wish to pre-enrol is taught in English, documents can be sent in that language.
  • Certificate of Equivalence for Average Grades

In addition to the above documents, some Master's degrees have other specific requirements. Please consult the website of the degree in question in order to ascertain whether or not it has any additional requisites and, if so, what they are. All requirements must be met when formalising your enrolment and this document (docx, 12 Kb) must also be submitted.

Master's in Secondary School Teaching: to enrol on this degree course you must prove that you have level B1 in a foreign language and level B2 in Basque. Those who are unable to produce the required certificates during the pre-enrolment period should submit this document (docx, 12 Kb) in which they undertake to produce them when completing the enrolment process.

In the event of any problems, please contact the secretariat of the corresponding Master’s degree. Contact information is provided on each individual websit.


The Academic Commission of each Master's course or the Postgraduate Commission (as appropriate) will select those to be admitted from among the pre-enrolments received. Selected students will receive an e-mail from each Master’s course onto which they have been accepted.

Deadlines for receiving confirmation:

  • Ordinary period: 19 June.
  • First extraordinary period: 24 July.
  • Second extraordinary period: 9 September.

Students can consult their pre-enrolment status (accepted, rejected or on waiting list) here: pre-enrolment applications status.


Once a student has been accepted, following the instructions given in the acceptance e-mail, they have from 20 to 26 June (ordinary period), from 25 to 30 July (first extraordinary period) and from 10 to 11 September (second extraordinary period) to confirm their intention to participate on the Master's degree course. For those Master’s courses for which a confirmation fee must be paid, students have 5 days in which to pay said fee. If they fail to do so, their acceptance will automatically be cancelled and the next student on the waiting list will be duly notified.

Successful applicants who confirm their intention to study the Master’s degree in question will be requested by the University to begin the definitive registration process. In order to complete the registration process, students must submit both the original documentation and photocopies for comparison, or certified photocopies. Please consult the secretariat of your chosen Master’s course regarding the procedure for submitting said documentation.