Call for grant for master's degrees run by the University of the Basque Country during the 2019-2020 academic year

Deadline for submitting applications: 5th July 2019


  • Call (pdf, 1,4 Mb) 
  • Document 1: Application
    Word version (doc, 51 Kb)   |  PDF version (pdf, 133 Kb)
  • Document 2: Curriculum Vitae
    Word version (doc, 86 Kb)   |  PDF version (pdf, 1,4 Mb)
  • Document 3: Document 3: sworn statement declaring that the signatory does not have any other Master's degree.
    Word version (doc, 55 Kb)   |  PDF version (pdf, 38 Kb)



Calls and grants:

Information on accommodation and other services