Excursion 1: Monte Buciero

Coastal cliffs in "Pico del Fraile"

Coastal area of eastern Cantabria. Quercus ilex forest, Genista occidentalis scrub, coastal dunes and cliffs, salt marshes. The Santoña, Victoria and Joyel Marshes Natural Park offers a fantastic opportunity to visit some of the most characteristic types of coastal vegetation in northern Spain. We will walk through a well conserved Quercus ilex subsp. ilex forest growing on limestone soils in Monte Buciero. There we will have the opportunity to observe the characteristic Mediterranean flora of this evergreen broadleaved forest and also the Genista occidentalis scrub, whilst enjoying an astonishing view over the Bay of Laredo and the Asón river mouth. After lunch we will visit the sand dune vegetation in Ris and Joyel (Cakiletea, Ammophiletalia and Crucianelletalia communities). Then, we will explore a saltmarsh with Spartinetea, Sarcocornietea and Salicornietea communities. Finally, a short walk on the impressive cliffs will lead to an area covered with unique scrubs with Olea europaea var. sylvestris.

The difficulty of the walk is medium/low. Special footwear for salt marshes is not necessary.

Leader: Mercedes Herrera.

Salt marshes near Berria