Promotion criteria

The Promotion Criteria of the Department of Foundations of Economic Analysis I which are applicable to Professors (Full Professors and Research Professors) and Associate Professors (Aggregate Professors and Research Doctors) are based on two principles: A) External Committee and B) External Evaluation.

External Committee

The Committee for a Professorship shall consist of five Professors from the Top 5 Spanish Economics Departments in the field of Foundations of Economic Analysis (according to the research ranking of Spanish Institutions elaborated by RePEC/IDEAS): Departamento de Economía, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid; Departament d'Economia i Empresa, Universitat Pompeu Fabra; Departament d'Economia i Història Econòmica, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona; Departamento de Fundamentos del Análisis Económico, Universidad de Alicante; and Departament d'Anàlisi Económica, Universidad de València.

A list of ten Professors from these Top 5 Economics Departments will be drawn. This list will be renewed every two years unless there have been no promotions during that period. Half of its members would change in a renewal.

The Committee for an Associate Professor position will be composed of two Professors and three Associate Professors (all of them from the Top 5 Spanish Economics Departments).

External Evaluation

i) Any accredited candidate may ask the Department to request the evaluation of three external evaluators randomly chosen from the Professors' List.  The procedure to Associate Professor will be identical but with just two external evaluations instead of three.

ii) The candidate may ask, if he/she so desires, that one of the evaluators be from his/her research area.

iii) Three positive evaluation reports (two in the case of Associate Professor) is a necessary condition for obtaining positive evaluation.

iv) The three evaluators (two in the case of Associate Professor) will be part of the Committee.

- The Department will publicly announce the opening of a Professor position (or Associate Professor) when at least one accredited candidate gets a positive evaluation.

v) The Committee will be informed of external evaluations.

vi) Although the Department is committed to a public career path for new permanent posts, whenever Aggregate Professor positions become available these positions will be used under the commitment that the new post will be transformed into an Associate Professor position (something which would require a new evaluation). The procedure for a Full Professor (or Research Professor) will be identical to that of a Professor. The procedure for an Aggregate Professor (Research Doctor) will be identical to that of an Associate Professor.