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Bachelor's Degree In Infant Education - 2021/22

Distribution of subjects per academic year

Academic year 1 (Active)
Development of Communicative Competence - Spanish and Basque Language - in Early Childhood Education ISemester 16Basic area-subjectNo
Development of Musical Expression ISemester 26CompulsoryNo
General TeachingSemester 26Basic area-subjectNo
Plastic Arts and Visual Culture in Early Childhood Education ISemester 26CompulsoryNo
Psychology of Development of School-age ChildrenSemester 16Basic area-subjectNo
Psychology of EducationSemester 26Basic area-subjectNo
Psychomotor Development ISemester 26CompulsoryNo
Sociology of EducationSemester 16Basic area-subjectNo
The Teaching FunctionSemester 16Basic area-subjectNo
Theory and History of EducationSemester 16Basic area-subjectNo
Academic year 2 (Active)
Development of Communicative Competence - Spanish and Basque Language - in Early Childhood Education IISemester 17Basic area-subjectNo
Developmental and Learning DifficultiesSemester 26CompulsoryNo
Information and Communication Technology in Early Childhood EducationSemester 26Basic area-subjectNo
Knowledge of the Social and Cultural EnvironmentSemester 16CompulsoryNo
Organisation of the Education CentreAnual9CompulsoryNo
Placement IAnual8CompulsoryNo
Principles of Language Teaching for Early Childhood Education in Multilingual EnvironmentsSemester 26Basic area-subjectNo
Principles of the Inclusive SchoolSemester 26CompulsoryNo
Psychology of ChildhoodSemester 16CompulsoryNo
Academic year 3 (Active)
Development of Musical Expression IISemester 26CompulsoryNo
Experimental Sciences in the Early Childhood Education ClassroomSemester 26CompulsoryNo
Mathematical Thinking and TeachingSemester 26CompulsoryNo
Placement IIAnual12CompulsoryNo
Plastic Arts and Visual Culture in Early Childhood Education IISemester 26CompulsoryNo
Psychomotor Development IISemester 26CompulsoryNo
Teaching Language and LiteratureAnual9CompulsoryNo
Teaching Native and Foreign LanguagesAnual9CompulsoryNo
Academic year 4 (Active)
Body LanguageAnual6ElectiveNo
Children's Literature TodayAnual6ElectiveNo
Children's Theatre and DramaAnual6ElectiveNo
Communication Skills and ExpressionSemester 26ElectiveNo
Communication in Basque Language
Cross-sectional Study of Different Languages. Linguistic Analysis and Reflection
Semester 26ElectiveNo
Education Policies for Intercultural EducationAnual4.5ElectiveNo
Encouraging Library Use and ReadingAnual6ElectiveNo
Final Year ProjectSemester 212Final year projectYes
Information and Communication Technology as a Medium for Dramatic ExpressionAnual6ElectiveNo
Interculturalism in SchoolsSemester 24.5ElectiveNo
Literary WorkshopsAnual6ElectiveNo
Management of Specific ProjectsSemester 24.5ElectiveNo
Musical LanguageAnual6ElectiveNo
Oral Expression Workshop
Phenomenology of ReligionSemester 26ElectiveNo
Placement IIIAnual18CompulsoryNo
Plastic and Visual LanguageAnual6ElectiveNo
Principles for Developing the Integrated Language Curriculum
Semester 26ElectiveNo
Reading WorkshopsAnual6ElectiveNo
Resources and Teaching Strategies for Intercultural EducationSemester 26ElectiveNo
The Centre's Linguistics Project: Critical Analysis of Different Models of Multilingual Education
Semester 26ElectiveNo
The Community Dimension of InterculturalitySemester 24.5ElectiveNo
Theoretical Basis of Intercultural EducationSemester 26ElectiveNo
Theoretical Principles for Teaching Languages
Semester 212ElectiveNo