Language Analysis and Processing


The massive use of the Internet has increased the need for natural language processing solutions. For example, supplementary linguistic processing is essential to accurately search for the information we are interested in.

Have a look at the following Internet sites:

-Do you use the translate document option offered by Google at

-Have you ever translated your emails automatically in Gmail?

-IBM-Watson beat the best contestants in answering trivia questions in the Jeopardy TV programme.

-Ask the following question to the START system 'How far is Bilbao from London?'

-Have you ever talked to Siri?

-How is the collection of news updated automatically in Google News?

-Loquendo: Write a text and listen the system read it.

-Do you know the 'Autosummarize' and 'Autoabstract' options in MS Word or OpenOffice?

-Search words related to snow in the OneLook dictionary service.

-Which verbs accompany 'fight' most often? Look it up in the BNC corpus.

Now, how do all these applications work?

If you are a computer specialist, you may be wondering about the basic computing tools working behind them or how you can integrate these applications within other applications or the web.

If you are a philologist or linguist, you probably wonder how linguistic knowledge is used in them: lexicon, grammar and word-senses, automatic morphological, syntactic and semantic analyses.

Language technologies are essential for a language to survive the current digital age. At IXA, we have gathered extensive experience in NLP for minority and less-resourced languages. The product catalogue is a clear example of this. Yet, the group is also active in the general paradigm and it is involved in NLP projects at regional, national and European level.

Qualification level

This qualification is recognised at level 3 in the Spanish Framework of Higher Education Qualifications (MECES) and corresponds to level 7 of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF), according to Royal Decree 22/2015 of 23rd January 2015 (BOE Spanish Official Gazette 07/02/2015).

This is a research-oriented master that can be considered the previous step to doctorate studies