Areas of interest

The Group's goal isto further deepen the work that has already been developed, and as well as to open new research avenues and reflect on key aspects of the Basque society.

The research revolves around three areas. The first focuses on "The nationalization process in the contemporary Basque Country:  local twists and national conflicts (1808-2000)", the second addresses the issue of "Memory and in the contemporary Basque Country ", while the third interconnected with the first two examines the issue of" the social dimension of the historical process in the contemporary Basque Country ".

They all fit into a historiographical approach advocated by the Institute of Social History "Valentin de Foronda" University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU) that revolves around the preference for the analysis of social divide, with a special emphasis on cultural and political factors as determinants in the evolution of the people.