Aguayo Urquijo, Andrés Tomás



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Work activities: Development of catalytic processes for energy and environmental applications. Development of 57 Research Projects (being the Research Manager in 16 of them), funded by the UPV/EHU, the Basque Government, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Industry and the Environment, as well as European Programmes (acting as a Team Leader), and private companies such as Eastman, Total Petrochemicals, Tubocoat, etc.

A total of 45 years of research and 20 doctoral theses directed, 4 of them with international mention, 220 published works, 215 referenced in the WoS with 8179 quotations, 6569 external, with 38,2 average of quotations / year during the last 5 years, 85% of the publications in first quartile (Q1), Index h: 53 and 380 presentations in Congresses, mainly international ones.


Professor with teaching responsibility since 1977, teaching subjects within the Chemical Engineering field related to Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transmission and Mass Transfer. Since 1990, teaching the subject Separation Operations in the Degree as well as Advanced Operations of Separation and Modeling, and Simulation of Processes in the Master of Chemical Engineering. He has directed 22 Bachelor Thesis and 50 Final Projects.


Secretary of the Chemical Engineering Department, Member of the Permanent Commission of the Department of Chemical Engineering and of the Faculty of Science and Technology


Research, photography and hiking.


BACHELOR'S DEGREE IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING: Separation Processes (3th course, Spanish)

MASTER IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING: Advanced Separation Processes, Modelling and Simulation of Chemical Processes


B1.P1.9 (ZTF-FCT)