De Rivas Martín, Beatriz

(Research Professor)


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Abbreviated CV

My research activities are focused on the application of catalytic technologies for emission control of gaseous pollutants (volatile organic compounds from industrial plants and methane from natural gas-powered engines) by combustion, recycling and/or valorization of plastic wastes by hydrolysis and glycolysis, and production of hydrogen-rich streams by reforming technologies. I have played an active role as a researcher in more than 15 projects. I am co-author of 46 peer-reviewed papers (h=19, WOS) and 8 non-indexed papers. The number of citations is higher than 1000. I have co-supervised 2 international PhD theses and I am currently the supervisor of one PhD thesis. I have participated in numerous international and national congresses related to Chemical Engineering and Applied Catalysis, with more than 120 abstracts.


BACHELOR'S DEGREE IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING: Chemical Engineering and Sustainability (4th course)

BACHELOR'S DEGREE IN CHEMISTRY: Chemical Engineering (3rd course)

MASTER IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING: Optimization of Chemical Production for Sustainable Development


B1.P1.1 (ZTF-FCT)