Ereña Loizaga, Javier



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Bachelor in Science, Chemical Section, Industrial Chemistry Specialty Field (UPV/EHU, 1991); Bachelor Degree in Science (1991); Doctor in Science, Chemical Section (1996). RESEARCH Development of thermal and catalytic processes for energy and environmental applications, Bio-refinery, Refinery of Residues; Since 1990 member of the research group “Catalytic Processes and Waste Recovery”; Participation in more than 60 research projects funded by different organizations (UPV/EHU, Basque Government, Ministries, European Union), and in 15 research contracts financed by different companies; Author of more than 60 articles indexed in the JCR (80% in the first quartile), more than 40 not indexed scientific publications, 4 book chapters, and more than 170 communications to congresses (mainly international); Reviewer of articles in more than 50 scientific journals. Editor of Catalysts and Fuels journals. TEACHING ACTIVITY University assistant professor since 1996, teaching subjects of Degree/Postgraduate/Master; 20 teaching publications and more than 20 presentations at teacher training conferences; Associate Professor since 2003 until 2022 and University Full Professor since 2022; 5 Doctoral Theses directed; more than 50 directed final projects/master's degree. Excellent grade (100/100) in the Docentiaz Program for the Evaluation of Teaching Activity (UPV/EHU). MANAGEMENT Representative of the Department in statutory commissions; Academic Secretary of the Chemical Engineering Department (2013-17); Coordinator of the Degree in Chemical Engineering (2017-present); Member of the ZTF/FCT Quality Commission (2017-present); Member of the Faculty Board (2017-present).


BACHELOR'S DEGREE IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING: Applied Thermodynamics (2.), Kinetics of Chemical Processes (2.)

MASTER IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING: Fuels from Alternative Sources to Oil


B1.P1.14 (ZTF-FCT)