Iglesias Vazquez, Sergio

(PreDoc Researcher)


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Abbreviated CV

Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering, 2016, University of Oviedo; Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering, 2018, University of Oviedo.

While finishing his Master's Degree, he went to the Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland, thanks to the Erasmus+ scholarship. There he was part of the Separation Science Department and did his Master's Thesis focused on membrane technology, which was published in the Journal of Sustainable Metallurgy (Q2).

Once he finished his studies, he worked in the industry for two years. After this stage, he returned to the research sector for a year in the field of nanoscience.

Since November 2020, he has been granted with an FPI fellowship from the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities of the Government of Spain to carry out his doctoral thesis, entitled "Intensification of hydrogen production through bio-oil and ethanol steam reforming in a membrane reactor”. Dr. Ana Guadalupe Gayubo Cazorla and Dr. Aingeru Remiro Eguskiza supervise this thesis. The project is performed at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), in the Department of Chemical Engineering of the Faculty of Science and Technology and in the Catalytic Processes and Waste Valorization research group. During this period, he has participated in 4 conferences (CHISA 2021, RRB  2021, SECAT 2021, ISCRE26) and is co-author of an article indexed in the journal Energy & Fuels (Q1). Regarding his doctoral training, he has participated in the following course: “Gas chromatography with mass detection. Theoretical course and practical applications” (30 h). He also collaborates in supervising students' Bacherlor’s and Master’s Thesis in the laboratory.