LogKCA-13: Call for papers

First publication date: 28/11/2012

ILCLI International Workshop on Logic and Philosophy of Knowledge, Communication and Action

Donostia, 27-30 November 2013


This Workshop seeks to examine and explore issues concerning the logical and philosophical aspects of knowledge, communication and action in an integrated view. Perspectives are sought from those engaged in the fields of logic, history and philosophy of logic, logic applied to artificial intelligence and cognitive systems, general epistemology, formal epistemology, social epistemology, belief theory, communication theory, discourse theory, formal semantics and foundations of pragmatics, philosophy of action,  philosophy of social action systems, and history of philosophy connected with those topics. These disciplines are indicative only, as papers are welcomed from any area in which logic and philosophy of KCA play a part.

Contributed papers may be presented on any of the following themes:

  1. Applied logics of knowledge, knowledge acquisition and transmission, knowledge in a social setting
  2. Logics of belief, belief formation and justification, belief update and revision, rationality problems.
  3. Philosophy of Information, and Philosophy of Communication.
  4. Logics of communication.
  5. Non-classical logics applied to information and cognition.
  6. Formal epistemology.
  7. General logics of action, dynamic logic, logic of intentions and goals, game-theoretical frames.
  8. Logics for social action, collective action, and cooperative action.
  9. Probability logics, non-monotonic logics, and hybrid logics connected to KCA.
  10. The history of logics of KCA.

4-page (2000 words) abstracts should be submitted by July 25, 2013.
Notification of acceptance/rejection: September 20, 2013.
If selected for presentation, 10 page papers should be submitted by October 5, 2013.

Papers will be blind peer reviewed by the Programme Committee. The Proceedings with the contributed papers will be published by the University of the Basque Country Press before the beginning of the Workshop.

Further information:

Dr. Xabier Arrazola (Chair of the Organizing Committee), e-mail:

Prof. Jesus M. Larrazabal (Chair of the Programme Committee), e-mail: