Dance as an object of philosophical enquiry

Donostia Aesthetics Forum

Monday, April 3, 15:00

Ana Abad Carlés (Rey Juan Carlos University)

Venue: Carlos Santamaria Zentroa; B1


In this talk, I will look into dance as a posible object of philosophical enquiry. After an introduction focused on dance as a performing art and its implications for philosophical analysis, we will raise questions regarding the identity of a dance work and the difficulties of establishing a type/token relationship within the art form. I will use McFee's concept of notationality and discuss the implications this has for dance. I will also explore issues of instantiation and interpretation and how the latter may alter a work's intentionality and meaning.
All this will be illustrated with dance recordings that may help explain and visualise some of the issues that come up when dance becomes an object of philosophical analysis.

(Attendance is free, but it should be notified in advance to