Master LCAM Seminar. There aren't any real BDI theories/models out there….. But mine!! and really, I'm not too sure about mine

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008, 11:30 am,

Isidora Stojanovic (CNRS, Jean-Nicod, Paris)
Research Master on Language, Cognition, Action, and Mind Studies
Semantic Content and What Is Said


I will defend the view on which lexical meaning is all there is to the semantic content. In particular, this leads to rejecting the widespread assumption that the semantic contribution of demonstrative and indexical pronouns is their reference, rather than the lexically encoded meaning (or 'character'). I will also try to show that, notwithstanding appearances, semantic content viewed as the lexically encoded content may also play the role of 'what is said' (or the asserted content), and will support my proposal with some data on indirect discourse reports.