The art of film-making

Seminar on Meaning, Language and Art

Tuesday, May 26, 15:00

Paul Urkijo

Venue: Carlos Santamaria Center, Auditorium


Film-making constitutes an art on its own. It uses and exploits various art disciplines such as literature, music, drawing, photography, acting… and their technical resources with a narrative goal. In the last decade, film-making has significantly changed due to the new technologies. Paul Urkijo is a young director that found a way to deal with the difficulties of producing a film now, developing what he calls a "guerrilla style". He will show his latest works ‘El Bosque Negro' and ‘Nahara' that correspond to two different ways of producing and creating a film. Urkijo will tell us about the process that goes from having an original idea to screening a film in a theater.

(Attendance is free, but if you are willing to attend, please send and email to with your name and affiliation).