Bachelor's Degree in Informatics Engineering - 2020/21

Distribution of subjects per academic year

Academic year 1 (Active)
AlgebraSemester 26Basic area-subjectNo
CalculusSemester 26Basic area-subjectNo
Computer StructureSemester 26CompulsoryNo
Digital Systems Design Principles Semester 16Basic area-subjectNo
Discrete MathematicsSemester 16Basic area-subjectNo
Fundamentals of Computer TechnologySemester 16Basic area-subjectNo
Mathematical AnalysisSemester 16Basic area-subjectNo
Modular & Object-Oriented ProgrammingSemester 26CompulsoryNo
Programming MethodologySemester 26CompulsoryNo
Programming PrinciplesSemester 16Basic area-subjectNo
Academic year 2 (Active)
Computer ArchitectureSemester 16CompulsoryNo
Data Structures & AlgorithmsSemester 16CompulsoryNo
DatabasesSemester 26CompulsoryNo
Economy and Business AdministrationSemester 16Basic area-subjectNo
Introduction to Computer NetworksSemester 26CompulsoryNo
Introduction to Operating SystemsSemester 26CompulsoryNo
Languages, Computation & Intelligent SystemsSemester 16CompulsoryNo
Operations ResearchSemester 26Basic area-subjectNo
Software EngineeringSemester 26CompulsoryNo
Statistical Methods for Engineers Semester 16Basic area-subjectNo
Academic year 3 (Active)
Network Services & Applications Semester 16CompulsoryNo
Project ManagementSemester 26CompulsoryNo
Academic year 4 (Active)
3D ModellingSemester 26ElectiveNo
Advanced Artificial Intelligence TechniquesSemester 16ElectiveNo
Applied LinguisticsSemester 26ElectiveNo
Computer VisionSemester 16ElectiveNo
Concurrent ProgrammingSemester 16ElectiveNo
Control Engineering
Semester 16ElectiveNo
Database Administration Semester 26ElectiveNo
Digital Processing of Audio & Video Semester 16ElectiveNo
Distributed SystemsSemester 16ElectiveNo
Electronics for Data Processing Semester 26ElectiveNo
Final Year ProjectSemester 212Final year projectYes
Formal Methods in Software Development Semester 16ElectiveNo
Functional ProgrammingSemester 16ElectiveNo
Information System Security Management Semester 16ElectiveNo
Intelligent & Accessible Interfaces
Semester 16ElectiveNo
Intelligent Robotics and Control Semester 16ElectiveNo
Knowledge-Based SystemsSemester 16ElectiveNo
Logic Programming Semester 26ElectiveNo
Machine Learning & Neural Networks  Semester 16ElectiveNo
Mobile & Multimedia CommunicationsSemester 16ElectiveNo
Natural Language ProcessingSemester 26ElectiveNo
Network Design and Projects Semester 16ElectiveNo
Network Security, Performance & Availability Semester 26ElectiveNo
Real-time & Operating Systems Design
Semester 16ElectiveNo
Robotics, Sensors & ActuatorsSemester 16ElectiveNo
Rules and Use of the Basque Language Semester 16ElectiveNo
Search HeuristicsSemester 26ElectiveNo
Optional subjects: Academic year 3, Academic year 4 (Active)
Abstract Computational Models Semester 16ElectiveNo
Advanced Information ManagementSemester 26ElectiveNo
Advanced Software Development ToolsSemester 26ElectiveNo
Algorithm DesignSemester 26ElectiveNo
Artificial IntelligenceSemester 26ElectiveNo
Automation-based Development in Softare EngineeringSemester 26ElectiveNo
CompilationSemester 26ElectiveNo
Computer GraphicsSemester 16ElectiveNo
Data MiningSemester 16ElectiveNo
Database DesignSemester 16ElectiveNo
Design & Implementation of Digital Systems Semester 16ElectiveNo
Design of Embedded SystemsSemester 26ElectiveNo
High-performance ProcessorsSemester 16ElectiveNo
Human Computer InteractionSemester 16ElectiveNo
Network Technologies & Infrastructures Semester 26ElectiveNo
Operating SystemsSemester 16ElectiveNo
Parallel Computing SystemsSemester 26ElectiveNo
Performance Evaluation of Computer Systems Semester 26ElectiveNo
Scientific ComputationSemester 16ElectiveNo
Software Engineering IISemester 16ElectiveNo
Software QualitySemester 26ElectiveNo
System & Network Administration Semester 16ElectiveNo
Visualisation & Virtual EnvironmentsSemester 26ElectiveNo
Web SystemsSemester 16ElectiveNo