Informatics Engineering Degree

The recently implemented, common European Higher Education configuration, adopted by over 45 countries and known as the Bologna Process, is based on a Degree-Master-PhD structure. The Basque Country executes the 4+1 schema: undergraduate programmes consist of 240 ECTS credits (structured in 4 years of study); masters can vary between 60 and 120 ECTS credits (1-2 years) and access to PhD studies needs the completion of a master course.

We offer one undergraduate study programme BSc in Informatics Engineering and it has been designed taking into account the European Educational System and the proposals of several international associations (IEEE and  ACM).

The structure of the degree is as follows:

  • Duration: 4 academic years. 240 ECTS credits. Every semester 5 courses of 6 credits each.
  • Most of the courses are of 4 theoretical credits and 2 practical, as a result more than one third of the studies are practical.
  • The first two years, and two courses during the third year, are compulsory (a total of 22 courses) and they form the core body of the degree in informatics engineering.
  • 3 specializations alternatives consisting each one of 8 courses (48 total credits per specialization): Computer Engineering, Computation, and Software Engineering.
  • A block of 26 elective courses of which the student must choose up to 8, for more in-depth knowledge of specific areas.
  • Project work of 12 credits in the chosen speciality.
  • Practical training in a company (up to 12 credits).
  • Free choice credits for the student, maximum 6 credits.
  • All courses can be done either in Basque or Spanish and the complete second year can be studied in English as well. Besides we offer another three elective courses in English in the fourh year.

The main information about the Degree can be found in this  handbook. If you need more information you can contact us.

The University of the Basque Country applies the IKD (Cooperative and Dynamic learning) method. This student-centered didactics is based on active learning methodologies and enhances both personal and academic skills within trainees. Therefore, in every year and semester there will be a course based on innovative methods of project-based learning.

The faculty promotes continuous assessment however is the student who chooses whether to do it or go to the final exam. All this information is described in the teaching guide of the degree (only in Spanish and Basque).