Ecuador's energy potentialities

First publication date: 17/03/2015

On Tuesday, 24th of March of 2015, it'll take place the conference named "Ecuador's energy potentialities", taught by the Embassador of Ecuador in Spain Mr. Miguel Calahorrano Camino, to explain to whom is studying and working in the world of Engineering the exploration, exploitation and development of the energy resources of such a multi diverse country as Ecuador is.
Conference:  "Potencialidades energéticas del Ecuador"
Lecturer:  Prof. Dr. D. Miguel Calahorrano Camino, Embassador of Ecuador in Spain.
Coordinator: Prof. Dr. D. Enrique Amezua San Martín, Director of the Faculty of Engineering in Bilbao. 
Date: Tuesday, 24th of March of 2015, at 12h30 .
Place: Videoconference Room, P0A1 - Faculty of Engineering in Bilbao.