The Faculty of Chemical Sciences of Universidad del País Vasco - Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea is situated on the Guipúzcoa Campus and was created in 1975 for teaching and research work. A staff of 85 lecturers and 24 employees in administration and services make up a highly qualified human team working in 3 departments, covering many of the areas of scientific and technical knowledge: Biology, Physics, Geology, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, Polymers and Environmental Sciences. These are joined by approximately 130 researchers and research fellows.

The courses available at the Faculty include a Degree in Chemistry and 3 Masters, as well as the possibility of completing a Doctorate in several areas of chemistry and related fields. The start-up of the Degree in Chemistry is an opportunity for the Faculty of Chemical Sciences to develop new teaching tools and improve the quality of education.

In the field of research, around 95 subsidised research projects and 25 research contracts produce approximately 200 scientific publications a year, making our Faculty an important part of R&D in the Basque Country.

We are pleased to welcome you and invite you to find out more about us and we hope that the practical information available on this website is a first step.

Marian Iriarte Ormazabal