Student Council

The Student Council is an independent university body of student representation responsible for channelling and coordinating said representation at Universidad del País Vasco/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea. It operates democratically according to the resolutions adopted by the majority of its members and its activities are far removed from favouring any ideology or political party.

The functions and objectives of the Student Council are mainly:

  • To represent the students of the Faculty of Chemical in all matters of their interest and act as spokesperson for said collective.
  • To assist, support and coordinate the work of the students of the Faculty of Chemical Sciences anywhere in the University.
  • To defend students' recognised rights, ensure their application and work to extend said rights and consolidate their recognition, as well as to improve the quality of teaching and the students' professional, scientific and cultural education.

The Student Council is made up of the following bodies:

  • The Student Council Assembly, comprising fifteen representatives of first-, second- and third-cycle students of the Faculty of Chemical.
  • The Executive is formed by the Chair, Deputy Chair, Treasurer and Secretary, elected from Student Council Assembly.

There are also different committees open to all the students of the Faculty.