Quality Management

Commitment to Quality Management

The policies implemented by Office of the Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry include the teaching quality of the courses available as the main part of continuous improvement of the Centre's activities. The office is aware of the need to consolidate a culture of Quality and has participated in related activities since 1996, when it formed part of the National Plan for the Quality Assessment of Universities. It has also participated in programmes such as the consultancy service for introducing the European Credit Transfer System (AICRE), monitoring the implementation of the European Credit Transfer System (SICRE) and the Programme for the Promotion of Teaching Innovation (IBP) applied by the Office of the Vice-Chancellor of Teaching Quality and Innovation. It is currently involved in the IKD-ehundu programme. As a fundamental part of its policy and strategy, the Office of the Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry is committed to the design and deployment of a system that guarantees the quality of all the centre's PROCESSES, ensuring its stakeholders' satisfaction and expectations and using resources efficiently for said purpose.

Quality Committee

The Quality Committee of the Faculty of Chemistry is appointed by the Board of the Centre and participates alongside the Staff of the Dean's Office in the planning and monitoring of the SGIC, acting as one of the vehicles for internal communication regarding the policy, objectives, plans, programmes, responsibilities and achievements of this quality system.

IQAS Handbook

The IQAS Handbook constitutes the Internal Quality Assurance System designed by the Faculty of Chemistry of Universidad del País Vasco/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea for its evaluation according to the criteria of the ANECA AUDIT programme. The scope of the activities to which the IQAS refers is the Degree in Chemistry taught at the Faculty.


This section contains the Monitoring Report on the Degree in Chemistry, the Annual Management Report and the Monitoring Report on the degree by Unibasq, according to academic year.

Title Monitoring Report Annual Management Report  Unibasq Monitoring Report
2011/2012(pdf, 92KB) 2011/2012 (pdf, 151KB) 2011/2012 (pdf, 94KB)
2012/2013 (pdf, 115KB) 2012/2013 (pdf, 1,14 MB)  
2013/2014 (pdf, 521KB) 2013/2014 (pdf, 1,62 MB)  
2014/2015 (pdf, 528KB) 2014/2015 (pdf, 1,46 MB)  
2015/2016 (pdf, 584KB) 2015/2016 (pdf, 685KB)  
2016/2017 (pdf, 703KB) 2016/2017 (pdf, 352KB)