Language Acquisition in Multilingual Settings (LAMS)

Reception and orientation

All administration associated with the Master's programme (pre-registration, enrolment, file management, etc.) is centralised and performed by the centre that is structurally responsible for the Master's degrees. All staff (University Administration and Services Personnel) belong to the UPV/EHU, and have extensive experience (over 20 years in many cases) in managing previous PhD Programmes and, since the 2006/2007 academic year, the new Master's and Doctoral programmes. In addition, there are also support staff for the Master's Programme on campus or at the centres where the courses are taught or where they have their main offices.

Before enrolment, communication with interested students is done directly via the responsible centre and also, with regard to those administrative aspects with which the students are concerned, through the head of the Master's Programme. All the information is recorded in its entirety and updated on the website of the centre concerned. Information about matters concerning the internal workings of the Master's Programme (timetables, calendar, activities, etc.) is shown in detail on a webpage that is specific to each Master's degree.

Furthermore, administrative regulations for Official Master's Degrees at the UPV/EHU stipulate that, following registration, the Academic Board will assign each student a personal tutor, with the mission to help the student take decisions to make good progress in their postgraduate studies.

Support and orientation after enrolment

The administrative regulations for (official) Master's programmes at the UPV/EHU stipulate that registered students should have a personal tutor (assigned to them by the Master's Academic Board, following registration), as well as a supervisor for their dissertation (which each student chooses based on the annual list of assignments offered by the teaching staff). Both individuals will act as counsellors giving the students academic advice to help them take the decisions required to get the most out of their postgraduate studies. In addition, the Postgraduate and Continuing Education Unit will offer the necessary support for administration concerning the course (requests for financial aid, examination schedules, certificates, changes in enrolment, recognition of credits, etc.). Likewise, the person responsible along with the teaching staff on the Master's Academic Board are always accessible to the needs of the Master's student, as are the teaching staff involved in such degree, who make themselves available for tutorials with the students.

Furthermore, the Quality Assurance System channels the presentation of suggestions and complaints from students, along with the corresponding regulations. The Master's Academic Board meets at the end of each term to analyse, amongst other matters, the complaints or suggestions and conclusions set out in the Evaluation, Review and Improvement Report.

Universal accessibility criteria

The UPV/EHU fosters the inclusion in the University Community of people with special needs in line with the criterion of universal accessibility.