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Lunch with Science in Lascaray-June 17

First publication date: 06/06/2014

Lunch with Science is a twice monthly activity of Lascaray Research Center. Young researchers share experiences and strategies that have led them to consolidate their position, and also, explain their more relevant research line.


The first session will be in June 17, from 13:30 am to 14:30 pm, in the Videoconference room. The speaker is going to be Idoia Postigo Resa, Permanent researcher of UPV / EHU, associated to the area of Parasitology and Immunoallergy.

Those interested should send an email  before June 13 to Email


The presentation will develop the following:

  • Concepts, skills and values ​​of I + D + i nowadays and its projection in the near future as the basis for curriculum development strategy
  • Significance of "generalist" knowledge in the development of scientific research activities
  • "Staff abroad"
  • Specific curricular strategy
  • Achievements
  • Strengths/ Weaknesses
  • Current situation
  • Future curriculum aims
  • "Advising" and interactive discussion

It is aimed to:

  • Students interested in research and development
  • Young researchers who begin their training
  • Young researchers in training
  • Young established researchers
  • Principal investigators of research groups
  • Teachers / Researchers


During the presentation the attendees will be offered pizza and refreshments.

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