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Quaternary Science in the 21st century

First publication date: 02/10/2014

In october and november 2014 several lectures will be held in the videoconference room of Lascaray Research Center, evaluating different areas of quaternary in the 21th century.

The presentations will be held in English and are organised by the departament for Geography, Prehistory and Archaeology of the UPV/EHU. The entrace is for free.

  • October 9: Re-analysing the Relative Chronology of Michelsberg Culture (using multivariate statistics). Georg Roth (Universitiy of Cologne)
  • October 16: Application of TL and OSL in the context of archaeological sites- Potentials, limitations and practical aspects. Christoph Schmidt (University os Bayreuth)
  • October 23: Modeling Hunter-Gathered Mobility: The agent-Bases Approach. Martin Solich (University of Cologne)
  • October 23: Moving from Mobility to Motiliy: Shedding new light on hunter-gatherer mobility though research with the Baka in Gabon. Dörte Weig (University of Cologne)
  • October 30: Cycles, Transitions and Disruptions- Understanding intra- and intercultural variability on the bases of the Gravettian techocomplex. Marcel Bradtmöller (UPV/EHU)
  • November 11: Pending
  • November 13: Population dynamics of Paleolithic Hunter-Gatheres. Andreas Maier (University of Erlagen)

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