Nomination and Application Procedure

Erasmus+ Programme: Incoming Students


If you would like to come to study at our Faculty of Arts located in Vitoria-Gasteiz as an exchange student, it should be through an exchange agreement between our faculty and your home university’s faculty.

The home university should nominate their students sending an e-mail to which must include the following information:

  • Full name
  • Passport number / Identity Card number
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY)
  • Student’s e-mail
  • Study field
  • Study Cycle
  • Exchange period

Deadlines for nomination:

  • First semester / Full Academic year exchanges: 15th June.
  • Second semester exchanges: 15th November.


After official nomination, students will receive an invitation e-mail to apply online through the Student Mobility Management System. In the last step of the online applications, students will be required to upload the following documents:

  • Learning Agreement stamped and signed by the home university and by the student.
  • Passport / Identity card.

It is highly recommended to follow the online application guidelines while filling out the application.

Deadlines for online application:

  • First semester / Full academic year exchanges: 30th June.
  • Second semester exchanges: 30th November.

Once the online application is completed, we will check it out and if it would be properly done we will accept it and the students will receive the Letter of Admission in their inbox. Furthermore, they will also receive the Learning Agreement signed and stamped by our side.