Life Cycle Assessment & Footprint Analysis



The transition towards a Circular Economy requires a life cycle-oriented thinking. In this context, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Global Multi Regional Input-Output (GMRIO) analysis have been shown to be best tools for identifying environmental, social and economic impacts of our material lifestyle. From one side, LCA tools, with the combination of strong databases and versatile software, allows us to calculate the different impacts that products and services are originating. On the other and GMRIO methodology allows us to understand which are the national and regional footprints that the globalised market originates in different parts of the planet. This two tools trigger to gain socio-environmental responsibility of our production and consumption systems, in order to transit towards a low carbon and sustainable living model. LCA tools have the capability to be used during the fabrication process of all kind of goods from small handcraft industries to big manufacturing corporations. The GMRIO tools offer awareness and information to handle decisive investments to boost a circular economy in greater scale, such as the national level, thought policy makers advisory.