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Face-to-face degree course

Description and contextualization of the subject

Principles of neuroanatomy; Functional neuroanatomy; Neuroanatomy of central nervous system diseases

Teaching staff

NameInstitutionCategoryDoctorTeaching profileAreaE-mail
GRANDES MORENO, PEDRO ROLANDOUniversity of the Basque CountryProfesorado Catedratico De UniversidadDoctorNot bilingualHuman Anatomy and
REGUERO ACEBAL, LEIREUniversity of the Basque CountryProfesorado AgregadoDoctorBilingualHuman Anatomy and


CE4. Identificación de los sistemas y procesos en neuroanatomía.33.0 %
To know the morphological and functional relationships of the different systems of the brain.33.0 %
To understand the morphological bases of neurological and psychiatric diseases.34.0 %

Study types

TypeFace-to-face hoursNon face-to-face hoursTotal hours
Applied classroom-based groups101020
Applied computer-based groups102535

Assessment systems

NameMinimum weightingMaximum weighting
Practical tasks50.0 % 50.0 %
Presentations50.0 % 50.0 %


The aims of the course include:

• Describing the anatomical organization of the human central nervous system;

• Getting insight into the neural basis of cognition and behavior;

• Correlating structure and function of the main brain systems;

• Comprehending the morphological basis of brain diseases;

• Handling a systematic dissection of the human brain and spinal cord;

• Identifying the main brain structures in real human brains.


1. Basic concepts of the nervous system and meninges

2. External anatomy and vasculature of the brain

3. Internal configuration and brain pathways

4. Applied neuroanatomy

5. Dissection of the human brain


Compulsory materials

• Neuroscience. Exploring the Brain. Enhanced 4th edition. Authors: Bear M, Connors B, Paradiso M. Publisher: Jones and Bartlett Publishers (2020)

• Clinical Neuroanatomy. 29th edition. Author: Waxman S. Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (2020)

• Principles of Neural Science. 6th edition. Editors: Kandel ER, Koester JD, Mack SH, Siegelbaum SA. Publisher: McGraw-Hill (2021)

• Gray´s Clinical Neuroanatomy. The Anatomic Basis for Clinical Neuroscience. Editors: Mancall EL, Brock DG. Publisher: Elsevier Saunders (2011)

• Atlas of the Human Brain. 4th edition. Authors: Mai J, Majtanik M, Paxinos G. Publisher: Elsevier (2015)

• Atlas of Functional Neuroanatomy. 3rd edition. Author: Hendelman WJ. Publisher: CRC Press (2015)

Basic bibliography

- Afifi AK, Bergman RA (2006) Neuroanatomía funcional. 2ª edición. Ed.: McGraw-Hill

- Frackowiak RSJ et al (2004) Human Brain Function. 2nd edition. Ed.: Elsevier

- Kandel ER et al. (2001).Principios de Neurociencia. 4ª edición. Ed.: McGraw-Hill

- Recent original articles and/or reviews will be provided to the students before the course

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