The master study programme is divided into four semesters, each with 30 ECTS. The first three semesters are based on classes, practical exercises and laboratory sessions, while the last semester is dedicated to independent work related to the master thesis, all of which is obligatory.

The first course consists of obligatory subjects taken in the first semester at the University of Limoges and in the second semester at the University of Brescia. The 3rd semester of the master will be dedicated to studies in greater depth at one of the four different associated institutions (the two mentioned above, Aston University or the University of the Basque Country). The mobility of this phase offers the possibility of complementing training in an area according to the specialised offer of each university. Finally, the master thesis (4th semester) can be taken at any of the university institutions or their associated industrial partners, under the guidance of a professor from one of the participating universities.

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Institutions offering internships

Number of hours : Minimum 150 hours

For more information contact : Portilla Rubin, Joaquin

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