XSL Content

LCT at the University of Trento (Italy)

General details of the subject

Face-to-face degree course

Description and contextualization of the subject

El estudiante realiza las asignaturas del 2º curso en la misma.


Conocimiento de las tecnologías del lenguaje desde el punto de vista cognitivo.100.0 %

Study types

TypeFace-to-face hoursNon face-to-face hoursTotal hours
Applied computer-based groups200300500

Training activities

NameHoursPercentage of classroom teaching
Analysing and discussing papers125.080 %
Computer work practice, laboratory, site visits, field trips, external visits250.060 %
Lectures250.040 %
Seminars125.080 %

Assessment systems

NameMinimum weightingMaximum weighting
Drawing up reports and presentations25.0 % 25.0 %
Practical tasks25.0 % 25.0 %
Written examination50.0 % 50.0 %

Learning outcomes of the subject

* Tener conocimientos sobre la estructura del cerebro y su funcionamiento, sobre la percepción y mecanismos de atención, sobre el procesamiento del lenguaje natural y su relación con los modelos de procesamiento computacional

* Los estudiantes aprenderán cómo diseñar experimentos de psicología cognitiva para evaluar modelos computacionales también en comparación con datos del comportamiento humano


The Trento approach to LCT is characterized by a strong interdisciplinary focus, enabled by the strict collaboration with cognitive neuroscientists at CIMeC as well as close contacts with the growing Computer Vision research community.

* functional anatomy of language

* current topics in language and brain

* neurophysiology of language

* foundation of cognitive neuroscience,

* language brain and cognition

*cognitive aspects of computational linguistics

* psycholinguistics