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Law and Social Theory

General details of the subject

Face-to-face degree course

Teaching staff

NameInstitutionCategoryDoctorTeaching profileAreaE-mail
ROGOWSKI , RALFUniversity of WarwickOtrosDoctor


Conocimiento de la temática principal de las teorías sociales y de la forma en la que abordan el fenómeno jurídico30.0 %
conocimiento de las obras más representativas en la teoría social30.0 %
Manejo de los conceptos y las metodologías caracteristicas de las teorías sociales y su aplicación a los fenómenos jurídicos40.0 %

Study types

TypeFace-to-face hoursNon face-to-face hoursTotal hours

Training activities

NameHoursPercentage of classroom teaching
Case analysis20.0100 %
Discussion5.0100 %
Text analysis20.0100 %
Written discussion of a topic30.010 %

Assessment systems

NameMinimum weightingMaximum weighting
Attendance and participation50.0 % 50.0 %
Evaluation by means of the presentation of projects50.0 % 50.0 %
Written examination50.0 % 50.0 %


Main Topics in Social Theory

Theories of Society

System theories and order

Conflict and social change as Social Theory

Structure and Power in Social Theory

Social Theory and the economic system

Impact of social theories on legal theory: system and discourse

Relationship between social theory and legal culture, social embeddednes of law

How Law influences social theory. Functionalism

Can Law change Society?



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