About the course

The Master’s in Theoretical and Experimental Linguistics degree programme offers a general and integrative vision of Linguistics as a science that investigates the properties, development and articulation of the linguistic system within the cognitive-communication abilities of human beings.

This Master's degree programme deepens the knowledge of the general language structure, as well as that of particular languages, with special application to languages ​​with different typologies. Furthermore, it delves into the study of the neural representation of language, with practical applications to the linguistic pathologies, language development in children and the language processing in bilingual speakers. It also addresses the causes of language change and the most common patterns of change that the languages have undergone, such as those linked to the sociolinguistic factors, through the study of their texts. The students can thereby acquire a global vision as well as a specialised training in different areas of study in Linguistics.

This Master's degree gives direct access to Doctoral programmes in Linguistics.

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4 reasons to study this Master

  • It gives access to multiple lines of research associated with language.
  • It offers methods and tools for carrying out a theoretical and experimental study of all human languages.
  • It is supported by consolidated research groups and the international recognition
  • It responds to the social demand for professionals trained in linguistics.



Career opportunities

  • Language industry (products and services related to languages: language teaching, language planning, formal language processing, speech-language pathology, machine translation, artificial intelligence, etc.).
  • Research in the field of Theoretical and Experimental Linguistics.
  • University teaching.

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