Mathematical Modelling, in Mathematical Research and in Statistical and Computing Sciences

National interuniversity


The Master in Mathematical Modelling and Research, Statistics and Computing can be considered as a link between the theoretical and technical training transmitted in the university and the demands of the companies and the research institutes. The master's courses provide the university graduates with training in mathematical techniques applicable to a wide variety of current problems, as well as theoretical subjects useful on a research career. The objective is to train professionals providing technological experience that gives them the possibility of applying their knowledge in companies or in research centers with the intention of encouraging the collaborations with this kind of partners.

The Master is shared by the Universities of the Basque Country / Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea, La Laguna, La Rioja, Public University of Navarra, Oviedo and Zaragoza, but each subject is only taught in a single campus. The teaching is distributed in three periods, the first one takes place in the UPV / EHU between October and December, the second in the University of Zaragoza between January and March and the third, in April is rotating.

The Master's Degree in Mathematical Modeling and Research, Statistics and Computing can be obtained after 60 ECTS credits have been passed. 48 ECTS correspond to 8 optional subjects and 12 ECTS to the master's thesis. The minimum duration of the master¿s degree is an academic course, but it can be studied in a longer period.

The master's courses cover a wide variety of fields, from the ones oriented to the professional areas (modeling, optimization, statistics and computation), to the pure mathematical subjects (analysis, algebra and geometry/topology). The master¿s degree gives access to the PhD programs of the universities involved in it. In order to have a deep knowledge in modelling and resolution of real problems, the teaching staff pays attention to the presentation of practical examples and the use of software for simulation.

Qualification level

This qualification is recognised at level 3 in the Spanish Framework of Higher Education Qualifications (MECES) and corresponds to level 7 of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF), according to Royal Decree 22/2015 of 23rd January 2015 (BOE Spanish Official Gazette 07/02/2015).

This is a research-oriented master that can be considered the previous step to doctorate studies