Master in Synthetic and Industrial Chemistry

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Profile for admission

The Master's Degree in Synthetic and Industrial Chemistry is aimed at graduates in Chemistry who are interested in completing their training to pursue a scientific or professional career in Chemistry, particularly in the areas of advanced knowledge of chemical synthesis and materials, techniques for the study of structures and reaction mechanisms and aspects associated with the industry. The master's degree project is experimental, with the development of synthesis in the laboratory and the use of instrumental synthesis and characterization techniques.

Students can also gain access by means of training in related scientific and technological disciplines: degrees in Pharmacy, Science and Food Technology, Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering and equivalent foreign qualifications.

Prior training requirements

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  • Chemical Engineering
  • Degree in Chemistry
  • University Degree in Biochemistry
  • University Degree in Pharmacy
  • Equivalent degrees

Merits assessment

  • Curriculum: - (40%)
  • Student Record: - (40%)
  • Test: Entrevista. Si la Comisión Académica lo estima pertinente (20%)

Specific exam

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