Research overview

Research within Department of Medieval, Modern and American History is articulated around a number of different research groups and lines of investigation:

1. Political and ideological constructions and manifestations

  • Overview: The construction of the Spanish monarchy: power-structures in Spain and America.
  • Specific research lines: The history of power traced through normative,  diplomatic, narrative and journalistic texts. Power forms and structures and their manifestations: monarchy, lordships and councils. Civil and ecclesiastical justice. Local government and urban institutions of power. Royal, provincial ad municipal fiscality. Ruling groups: civil and ecclesiastical elites.

2. Social History

  • Overview: the History of demographics, social groups, inequalities and conflicts.
  • Specific research lines: social history in current historiographical models. Diferential social demography.  Quality of life. Social articulation in rural and urban contexts. Economic, social, political and cultural networks. Justice and society: conflict and social marginalisation. Religiosity and everyday life.

3. Transoceanic migratory processes

  • Overview: The economic, social and cultural origins, causes, consequences and implications of transoceanic migratory processes.
  • Specific research lines: Migratory processes. The history of family groups. Social networks between Spain and America. Migration and settlement in colonial America. Emigration institutions. The great Atlantic migrations.