Microfabrication techniques have enabled the fabrication of microchannels and other microstructures that are the basis for the development of miniaturized analytical systems, known as micrototal analysis systems (microTAS). Initially, the fabrication of these devices was limited to lithographic techniques and soft lithography, for producing microchannels in glass, or photoresist structures that could be used to mold soft materials such as silicon polymers. With these fabrication tools is possible to achieve high resolution and small feature size, down to the micrometre scale. Nowadays, the emerging filed of microfluidics is expanding rapidly to many applications in the field of rapid analysis, separations, and cell biology among others.

Each application requires different designs, and the resolution of the fabrication process may be more or less restrictive. Fabrication methods such as lamination, laser grafting, sterolithography and 3D printing are being widely adopted.

We are working on advancing the current state of the art on microfluidics by adopting and developing the newest generation of microfabrication techniques:

1- Developing and characterizing novel microfabrication techniques, to produce microfluidic architectures and microfluidic components, in paper, plastics, or hybrid architectures.

2- Developing self-powered microfluidic networks.

3- Developing micro pumps for lab-on-a-chip applications.

4- Developing integrated sensors for lab-on-a-chip applications.

(A) PDMS microfluidic micropump. (B) 3D printed microfluidic devices. (C) Fabrication of polymer microfluidic devices by the origami technique.

Most Relevant Group Publications

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