Pablo E. Guevara Pantoja

(María Zambrano Fellow)


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Pablo Guevara studied Electronics Engineering at the Technological Institute of Lerdo (ITSL, Durango, Mexico). In 2019, he finished his Master and PhD in physics and biomedical engineering at the Center for Research and Advanced Studies of IPN (Cinvestav-IPN, Monterrey, Mexico); herein, he worked with a very multidisciplinary group acquiring knowledge in bioassays and biophysics applied to microfluidic systems. Then in 2020, he started a CONACYT postdoctoral fellowship at the Center for Research in Optics (CIO, Aguascalientes, Mexico) in collaboration with the Laboratory of Microtechnologies Applied to Biomedicine (LMAB Cinvestav, Mexico), working on the development of integrated serological and nucleic acid microfluidic devices for the detection of the SARS-CoV2 virus. In 2022, Pablo obtained a María Zambrano, postdoctoral fellowship to work in the Microfluidics Cluster UPV/EHU in Spain.


Pablo has acquired multidisciplinary experience developing biomedical devices and is looking to apply his knowledge to the solution or investigation in the medical field.


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