Erasmus Student Network students´ association


Erasmus Student Network Bilbao is part of the biggest student organization in Europe, with more than 530 sections in 42 countries. They are student volunteers acting under the principle “Students Helping Students”, and their main goal is to help international students integrate in their new cities and make the most of their stay.

ESN Bilbao hosts a vast number of leisure and cultural activities, as well as day trips and weekend trips.  It puts local students in touch with international students and makes use of international mobility to promote intercultural understanding and the learning of new lifestyles through an open and respectful attitude.

ESN Bilbao ​​​​​​​is present in Bilbao and in Donostia-San Sebastián. You can get more information about all the activities they organize through their Facebook and Instagram pages.  You can also join their WhatsApp group and get in touch with other international students in the city to make friends, ask for advice, look for accommodation and more.  They will help you out like your buddies do.


It is ESN's membership card.  It will provide your preferential access to all thier activities and you will need it for the trips.  It will also allow you to enjoy hundreds of exclusive discounts in the Basque Country, Spain and all over Europe!  You can even use it in your home city or during your trips.