Fajardo Portillo, Jose Oscar

Personal information

Fajardo Portillo, Jose Oscar

Address: Alda. de Urquijo s/n. C.P.: 48013. Bilbao
Email: joseoscar.fajardo@ehu.es
Telephone: +34 94 601 7361


Academic degrees

University Degree

Career: Engineering in Telecommunications
Intensificación: Telematics
Center: University of The Basque Country
Date of achievement: 2003


Program title: Tecnologías de la Información y Comunicaciones en Redes Móviles
DEA date of achievement: 2005
Thesis title: Adaptación de los mecanismos de provisión de calidad de servicio a las preferencias de los usuarios (Adaptation of QoS provisioning mechanisms to user requirements)
Date of achievement: (In progress)

Conference Papers

MPLS-VRF integration: forwarding capabilities of BGP/MPLS IP VPN in GNU/Linux

Jon Ander Picó, Jose Oscar Fajardo, Alex Muñoz, Armando Ferro
Publication medium:
II Workshop in G/MPLS Network (WGN7), within 12th International Conference on Optical Networking Design and Modeling (ONDM 2008). IFIP Networking 2008. Vilanova i la Geltrú, Catalonia, Spain, on March 12-14

This paper presents an implementation of the BGP/MPLS IP VPN functionalities for GNU/Linux. First, we briefly review the operation mode described in the IETF RFC 4364 and show the characteristics that are supported by this implementation. Afterwards, we provide some implementation details of the forwarding plane for the kernel This implementation includes the integration of the MPLS- and VRF-for-Linux projects. Finally, we present some example scenarios to validate our implementation in different cases, and show the corresponding commands for the ingress and egress PE routers. This work establishes a first approach for testing BGP/MPLS IP VPN technology in GNU/Linux testbeds and supports the basic functionalities for a future implementation of the signaling plane.

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