Arquitectura para Inyección de Tráfico y Monitorización en Redes de Alta Capacidad

Alberto Pineda, Armando Ferro, Alejandro Muñoz
XXIV Simposium Nacional URSI. Santander, Spain. September 16-18

<span lang="en">With the increase of the rate in networks, computational ability of network resources and principal servers could be inadequate. In order to prove the performance of networks, network resources and servers there have to be traffic generators. These generate traffic flows with different characteristics. It is also necessary to have network monitoring systems to inspect and process traffic. Doing this in high speed segments in an efficient way is not easy. This paper proposes a design of an architecture to inject traffic in a synthetic way and to improve the performance in network traffic analysis. This architecture tries to improve other solutions' performance using a general purpose architecture under Linux over a PC with a common network interface. The basis of this improvement is including the application in the kernel of the operating system.</span>