Zabala Alberdi, Luis

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Zabala Alberdi, Luis

Address: Alda. de Urquijo s/n. C.P.: 48013. Bilbao
Office: P3F4
Telephone: 946014181
Fax: +34 94 601 4259


Academic degrees

University degree

Career:  Engineering in Telecommunications
Intensification: Telematics
Center:  University of The Basque Country
Date of achievement: 1998


Program title: Tecnologías de la Información
DEA date of achievement: -
Thesis title: -
Date of achievement: (In progress)

Conference Papers

Network Traffic Sensor for Multiprocessor Architectures: Design Improvement Proposals

Armando Ferro, Alejandro Muñoz, Fidel Liberal, Cristina Perfecto
Publication medium:
First International Workshop on Service Assurance with Partial and Intermittent Resources (SAPIR 2004), in conjunction with ICT 2004. Fortaleza, Brazil. August 01-06

This document describes several design proposals to enhance network sensor performance on multiprocessor architectures. Our main contributions are related to the design of an autonomous sensor and to the idea of performing some parallelization of the analysis. These proposals can be implemented in network sensors such as intrusion detection systems, network antivirus appliances, QoS monitors and any other device based on network traffic analysing. Taking a certain model of traffic analysis as our starting point, we look deeply into some design proposals to address the difficulties involved in the parallelization. In this work, we propose a series of resources that can help us to solve these difficulties. Later, we study the prototypes developed in order to test different design alternatives and, finally, present selected case studies. We finish by quantitatively analysing the results to validate our design proposals.<\/span>

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