New Materials

National interuniversity

Profile for admission

We will select students with a clear vocation towards research, with a predisposition to teamwork and showing appropriate knowledge according to the contents of the Master, on the basis of their degree, academic record and professional experience.

In the case that applicants who meet those conditions exceed the maximum laid down for the correct development of the studies, students will be admitted, after the mandatory pre-registration, according to the following criteria. We will consider the curriculum 35%, attending the professional experience in the field of materials; the academic record will be 45%. Knowledge of English will be essential for the development of the master, although only courses in official institutions, 20%, will be considered. In case of doubt or draws, a personal interview with the eventual candidate will be performed by the Inter-University Master's Committee.

Prior training requirements

It will be a pre-requisite to have an official degree with at least 240 ECTS or, alternatively, 180 ECTS if the applicant has already performed 60 ECTS in another Master course.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Geology
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Degree in Chemistry
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering, majoring in Industrial Chemical
  • Industrial Engineering, majoring in Mechanical
  • Ingenieria Geológica
  • Ingeniería Técnica Industrial, especialidad en Electricidad
  • Ingeniería Técnica Industrial, especialidad Textil
  • Ingeniería Técnica Industrial, especialidad en Electrónica Industrial
  • Ingeniería Técnica de Minas, Especialidad en Sondeos y Prospecciones Mineras
  • Ingeniería Técnica de Minas, especialidad en Explotación de Minas
  • Ingeniería Técnica de Minas, especialidad en Instalaciones Electromecánicas Mineras
  • Ingeniería Técnica de Minas, especialidad en Mineralurgia y Metalurgia
  • Mining Engineering
  • Mining Technical Engineering, specialising in Energy Resources, Fuels and Explosives
  • Road, Canal and Port Engineering
  • Telecommunications Engineering
  • University Degree in Physics

Merits assessment

  • Student Record: Academic record (45%)
  • Curriculum: Professional experience in the field of materials (35%)
  • English: Knowledge of English. (20%)

Specific exam

This item does not apply.