Programme of work experience and end-of-degree dissertation in development cooperation

Approved by the UPV/EHU Governing Board in March 2003, the programme offers students on different degrees the opportunity to do their work experience or end-of-degree dissertations at development cooperation projects in different countries of Latin America, Africa and Asia. The programme offers each student €750 in funding to cover travel and insurance expenses.

The following contribute to that funding:

  • Euskal Fondoa- Association of Basque Local Development Cooperation Entities
  • Student 0.7% Fund
  • The Vice-Chancellor’s Office for Innovation, Social Commitment and Social Action - UPV/EHU

Over 700 students from 13 university centres at the three UPV/EHU campuses have taken part in the programme so far.

Formulario de propuesta para realizar Practicum y TFG en Cooperación al Desarrollo