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About the Polytechnic College


Current Polytechnic University College of Donostia-San Sebastián was founded in 1952 when courses in Industrial Engineering (name of that time) dependent on the General Directorate of Technical Education, Ministry of Education and science. In 1957 the first promotion finished his studies, with a score of graduates in the fields of Mechanical, Electrical and Chemical.

The so called Escuela de Peritos Industriales played an important role in professional and personal promotion of many young people between 1950 and 1970. A significant number of these young people found put in the Engineering the possibility of overcome the level of vocational training. Subsequently, these graduates were those who developed the modern training in Gipuzkoa, and those who were also at the origin of the technology centers, as Tekniker and Ikerlan, created in the 70s.

In the 70s a profound change happened in the school, led by the Education Act of 1970 that involves the integration of the University School, which was recalled University School of Industrial Engineering (EUITI). With the integration into the University, the specialties of Industrial Electronics and Industrial Organization were implanted.

The 90s is a time of growth, reaching a figure of 2200 students and about 300 graduates per year. In 1995, a new curriculum was implanted including Industrial Engineering degree in Mechanical, in Electronics, in Electrical Engineering and Chemistry.
The volume of degrees required a suitable location and a new building was opened in 2004 with a new name: Polytechnic University College of Donostia-San Sebastián. It is a building of 22000 m2, located on the Campus of Ibaeta.

The Polytechnic College has established a network of partnerships and collaborations that represents its permanent social capital:
• The Schools of Engineering of the UPV / EHU with whom we collaborate designing the curriculum and programming coordination.
• The net of Engineering Schools with whom we exchange management experiences and educational innovation through the Conference of Directors.
• The Asociación de Empresarios Guipuzcoanos, ADEGI, who helps with internship programmes for students.
• The ERASMUS+ network.
• The Network of Centres of Innovative Management, RCGI, UPV / EHU, with whom we share experiences related to innovation and management.
• In addition to these permanent alliances, the Polytechnic College works through specific agreements with other academic, business or scientific organizations for internships, final projects…