Our group in Bilbao works on various aspects of quantum information theory related to creation and characterization of quantum entanglement. We are especially interested in entanglement in quantum optical systems, such as cold gases or photonic systems. We also work on quantum metrlogy, in paricular, on using entangled quantum states for quantum enhanced metrlogy.


Group members

   Iagoba Apellaniz

   Gabriel Fagundes

   Matthias Kleinmann

   Geza Toth (group leader)

   Gael Sentis

   Giuseppe Vitagliano


Collaborators from the University 

   Inigo L. Egusquiza

   Gonzalo Muga

   Jens Siewert

   Maria Luisa Pons


Department secretary                            

   Montserrat Barrio


Former members

   Philipp Hyllus

   Inigo Urizar Lanz

   Zoltan Zimboras


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