General Information

About the conference

Project Management is recognized as one of the best tools to develop successful developments. The objective of this Conference is to present results from advanced research into the Project management discipline.

We expect contributions from researchers, professors and doctorate and master program students. Participation of PM practitioners is expected also in workshops and seminars.



The second edition of the conference will maintain its three thematic areas: Research in PM, Sustainability and PM, and Education in PM. Besides, a special slot will be dedicated to Smart Cities.

Research in PM: Continuous effort into research is the only guarantee to develop advanced techniques and tools. The PM community is being increasingly recognized through their Scientific Journals. Some of the topics to be discussed are: Methodologies for research of application in Project Management. Trends in PM and PM research. Networking as a tool for research.

Sustainability and PM: The World needs PMs to be aware of the importance of their role into sustainable development projects. Proposed topics to be discussed are: Influence of sustainability concern on Project Management practice and standards. Importance of PM for efficient Sustainable development.

Education in PM: Project Management professionals feel the need of deepening in their knowledge when they face daily problems. On the other hand, University is the main instrument to educate professionals. Cooperation between academy and industry is a must. Proposed topics to be discussed are: Life long PM education. Higher Education. Doctorate studies and PhD thesis in PM.

Smart Cities: Projects are the instruments with which cities will become smarter. The management of and for stakeholders will undoubtedly be in the core of any development project.


Past Editions:

- 1st edition, REPM 2018: REPM 2018 website